Traffic - Juvenile Traffic Offenses

What do I do if I receive a Failure to Appear and/or Failure to Pay Notice?

  • Failure to Appear - Your action cannot be released until you are seen by the Traffic Hearing Officer. Call the Traffic Hearing Clerk at (209) 385-7394 to schedule a hearing date and time.
  • Failure to Pay - Call the Traffic Hearing Clerk at (209) 385-7394 for outstanding fines. All fines in Failure to Pay Status must be paid by cash or money order. If paid by check, the check will need to clear before the release is lifted.

Do you need to appear for the court date written at the bottom of the citation?

Juvenile Traffic sets the hearing date and time. A letter will be sent to the address listed on the citation approximately two weeks prior to the hearing.

Do you accept credit card payments?

We do not accept credit card payments. The fastest method of payment is via Western Union. Contact the Traffic Hearing Clerk at (209) 385-7394 for fine amounts and instructions for making payments.

All payments must be sent to:
Revenue and Reimbursement
2222 M St.
Merced, CA 95340