Draft Policies

Use this Comment Form to provide your comments and feedback regarding the draft policies to the EMS Agency. EMS Policy and Procedure Comment Form Policy Review will end September 30th, 2017 and become effective October 1st, 2017.


Draft Policies 

130.00 – EMS Policy Development, Revision, Deletion and Implementation
This new policy replaces existing EMS Policy 130 and 131; it defines, much more concisely, the process of developing, revising, deleting and implementing EMS policies.
450.00 – Air and Ground Ambulance Response Time Incentive
This new policy provides air and ground ambulance service providers a means to achieve a response time compliance incentive for any emergency response zone category in which fractile compliance reaches, at minimum, the 92% benchmark as measured monthly.  When the minimum 92% benchmark is not met, the penalties are assessed. 

630.00 – Ambulance Patient Offload Time (APOT) and Delay (APOD)
This new policy adopts the California EMS Authority’s methodologies for measuring and reporting on a quarterly basis Ambulance Patient Offload Time (APOT) and Delay (APOD) as required by AB 1223 (O’Donnell, 2015) and California Health and Safety Code Section 1797.120.

520.00 – EMT and Paramedic Interfacility Transfer
This updated and revised policy provides the guidelines for Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support ground ambulance transport of patients between acute care hospitals (Interfacility Transfer).

401.00 – Physician Involvement with EMS Personnel
This updated/reviewed policy is on new policy letterhead and also provides a better solution for the wallet cards that EMS personnel can print, carry and hand over to physicians should one decide to interact with EMS personnel.

580.00 – Monitoring of IVs by EMT Personnel
This updated/reviewed policy is on new policy letterhead.