Welcome to the Recorder Division


Schedule Note

Documents that have not been reviewed, corrected, recorded, and receipted prior to 3:30 pm on full schedule operation days will be recorded the next business day.

Electronic Recording
The Recorder's Office is pleased to offer Electronic Recording services to our customers. Our office participates in the California Electronic Recording Transaction Network Authority or CeRTNA, a Joint Powers Authority, which provides a web portal for electronic recording. Currently over 22 counties in California are part of CeRTNA. Merced County Clerk-Recorder Barbara Levey is a member of the CeRTNA Board of Directors. Merced is an "Agent Only" county which simply means customers utilize an outside agent who manages your account for you and performs all transactions with you. Currently, approximately 440 customers, using 7 agent firms, are recording electronically with us. Additionally, Merced County offers G2G or Government to Government electronic recording service for government offices including EDD, BOE, FTB, and Child Support Services. To use our service, please contact our office at either (209) 385-7627 or email us for details.


Our office no longer accepts checks as payment except for recordings of documents. Credit and debit card payments can be accepted in our office. There is a $2.50 fee for the use of credit and debit cards.