Merced County provides services to residents through many departments and agencies.

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CalWORKs Screening and Support
CalWORKs assists people on public assistance to move to self-sufficiency through employment and support services.
Children Services
Children Health Services
Children's and Teen Library Services
Children's and Teen library services provides age appropriate reading materials and programs for youth from infancy through high school.
Children's Injury Prevention
Children's Injury Prevention
Children's Services
Youth Services works with several Merced County service agencies to provide services to families.
CivicPlus Training
Information and updates related to Merced County's Website. We will show you how to update and maintain the County's site.
Clinical Services
Clinical Services
Communicable Disease
Communicable disease services. There is a small fee for most services, but no one will ever be refused.
Comprehensive Perinatal Services Program (CPSP)
provides services for Medi-Cal eligible women to improve their health during pregnancy and give their babies a healthy start to life.
Consumer Rights
Consumer Rights of Merced County's Mental Health Plan
Criminal Defense
Represent people charged with a criminal matter who are unable to hire a private attorney

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