Merced County California

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Request for Review
If you would like a review of your property values, please contact the Assessor's office at (209) 385-7631. 

Alert to Property Owners
Recently several companies have sent out mailers soliciting money to file for reductions to property tax bills. This is not necessary as the Assessor will be reviewing most property in the county due to the current economic climate.

There is no charge to have your property reviewed.

Sometime in late June/early July property values are available on-line.  At this time if you believe that the Assessor has erred in your valuation then you can contact them to review the information that was used to value your property. Remember that the valuation date is January 1st.   If you believe the property is worth less  than the indicated full value, you have the right to an informal review with the Assessor's office.  If the Assessor agrees that a reduction in value is proper, an adjustment can be made.  If an adjustment to value cannot be agreed upon, you have the right to appeal the value.  Applications for changed assessment can be obtained from the clerk of the County Board of Supervisors.  The normal filing period is July 2nd to November 30th.

If you have any questions please feel free to call 385-7631 or stop by the office to discuss your valuation with an appraiser. Only if you truly believe that you need help to deal with your valuation should you pay to have someone deal with the Assessors’ office.

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