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Mental Health Services Act

In November 2004, voters approved Proposition 63, the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA).

Goals of the MHSA are to:

  • Reduce long-term adverse impact on individuals, families, state, and local budgets due to untreated mental illness
  • Expand innovative service programs for children, adults, and seniors
  • Reduce stigma associated with being diagnosed with a mental illness

2016-2017 MHSA Capital Facilities Program Update

2016-2017 MHSA Annual Update and Innovation Plan

2015-2016 MHSA Annual Update

2014-2015 through 2016-2017 MHSA Program Update to Three-Year Plan

2014-2015 through 2016-2017 MHSA Three Year Program and Expenditure Plan

Previous MHSA Program Update

Previous MHSA Plan Updates

MHSA Agreement - CA DMH and Merced County DMH
The MHSA Agreement between Califonia Department of Mental Health and Merced County of Department of Mental Health

MHSA Prudent Reserve FY 2009/2010 Funding Request
The MHSA Prudent Reserve Funding Request for FY 2009/2010  is currently available for public review.

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