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EMS Certification / Authorization / Accreditation
Emergency Medical Services Application Fees:
 Emergency Medical Dispatcher (EMD) certification/recertification $50.00
 Emergency Medical Technician-I (EMT-1) certification/recertification $50.00
 Emergency Medical Technician-P (EMT-P) accreditation     $100.00
 Emergency Medical Technician-P (EMT-P) reciprocal accreditation      FREE
 Mobile Intesive Care Nurse (MICN) authorization/reauthorization  $60.00
 Non-Scheduled EMS Skills testing $100.00
 Duplicate certification/authorization/accreditation card $15.00
 Duplication of Policy and Procedure Manual $25.00
 Late Fee for certification/authorization/reauthorization $15.00
 Lapsed-Paramedic Re-Accreditation Maintenance $100.00
 Reciprocity for certification/authorization/accreditation $20.00

Annual Convalescent and Ambulance Service license fee
 Convalescent/litter van annual license                                                           $100.00

Ambulance service annual license, subject to annual cost evaluation through county cost system

EMT or EMD Certification
If you are seeking Merced County certification as an EMT or EMD, download the Department of Justice (DOJ) Form and take it to a 
Livescan location for processing. You must clear the DOJ background process prior to certification by the EMS Agency.  Paramedic Orientation is conducted on a monthly basis at the EMS Agency. Contact the main office (209-381-1250 or by email) to schedule your orientation.


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