Human Resources works under the County Executive Officer to plan, organize, direct, control, and coordinate county activities as directed by the Board of Supervisors. The following list of functions reflects the focus activities of Human Resources.

Classification and Organization Analysis

Maintain a County-wide Classification and Pay Plan for management and non-management staff which provides proper classifications and pay ranges for all positions, fulfills the Federal mandate of “equal pay for equal work,” comply to the Exempt, Non-Exempt criteria of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Employer/Employee Relations

Based on Board policy direction and as delegated by the County Executive Officer, to conduct the employer-employee relations activities with employee organizations on wages, salaries, and working conditions, while preserving management rights according to the procedures set forth in State law, local ordinance and the Employer-Employee Relations Policy.

Compensation Plan Management

Maintain proper wage and salary relationships for all categories of positions allocated to County service.

Recruitment and Selection

Maintain a recruitment and selection process consistent with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing directives, Executive Order, and Federal Statutes (including ADA) which will provide qualified applicants to the County, yet is cost-effective as well as consistent with Federal and State guidelines for job-relatedness.

Human Resources Information Technology

Continue to work toward full automation of the payroll and personnel information system and the development of management information for use internally and by other departments.

Employee Training

Provide and/or facilitate training for employees for subjects count-wide in nature and pertinent to individual assignments and needs (e.g., supervisor development, employer-employee relations agreements, sexual harassment, Alcohol and Drug Testing, etc.); conduct regular new employee orientation sessions; and, department head updates on these and related subjects as may be necessary.

Record Maintenance

Maintain personnel records of County employees in a centralized personnel records system.

Maintain job applicant tracking system to provide EEO and other management information.

EEO Coordination

Provide support in the form of computerized data and coordinate with EEO activities in order to assure equal employment opportunity standards and practices are maintained throughout County service.

Oversight on Department Personnel Functions

Provide proper assistance, advice and guidance relating to County policy, procedure, Employer-Employee Relations, Meet and Confer activities, records and future plans to the Risk Management Division and, where necessary, provide review and approval activities as required by policy.

Service Awards

Recognize continuous County employee service through the administration of the service pin presentation program.

Grievance and Appeal Process

Administer the grievance and appeal process in compliance with required time frames.