As employees, you may designate a beneficiary or multiple beneficiaries upon becoming MCERA members. Your beneficiary(ies) would be eligible to receive a refund of your contributions and interest, or other retirement benefits, if you die while an active member.

Marriage & Minor Children

If you are married or have a minor child(ren), your spouse/minor child(ren) may be entitled to any and all death benefits payable under California law, regardless of whom you designate as beneficiary.


If you are changing your beneficiary due to divorce, you must also submit a copy of your Dissolution of Marriage and Marital Settlement Agreement to show whether your ex-spouse has any claim on your retirement benefits.

Making Changes

It is important to keep your beneficiary designation up-to-date. If you get married or have children while you are a member or have other changes to make, please contact MCERA to update your beneficiary designation.