Image of dollar bill with percentages delineating percentages of tax dollars allocation


Merced County School Districts and Merced College receive the largest share of your tax dollars represented in the education and education augmentation distribution. There are 20 school districts that educate K through 12 students. For more information, please visit the district website.

General Fund

Merced County portion of your tax dollars supports the County General Fund services. The County provides services to the community through multiple agencies and departments. For more information, please view the Merced County Organizational Chart (PDF).

Special Districts

Special Districts consist of service districts to meet the needs of the community in various capacities. Some examples include water, sewer, cemetery, and mosquito abatement districts. Please refer to your tax bill regarding the special districts servicing your tax area.


Cities in Merced County includes cities and unincorporated communities in Merced County; please visit Merced County Wikipedia page.


Fire Control distribution for all rural unincorporated areas; please visit the Fire Department for specific information and services.