Sergeant Dustin Witt and K-9 Banshee

2020 Witt and BansheeAbout Sergeant Witt

My name is Dustin Witt and I am the Sergeant of the Merced County Sheriff’s Office K9 unit, I have worked at the Sheriff’s Office for 18 years first as a Reserve Deputy Sheriff then onto full time. I have worked with Sheriff’s Office dogs for approximately 13 years. Being part of our SWAT Team we incorporate them in each mission we conduct utilizing the SKIDDS format.  

In May of 2014 I was promoted to Sergeant and in October of 2014 I took over the K9 unit. During this time we have grown as a unit and added dogs we have not had in the past or have not had for some time. We have added a dog for our jail facilities, a dog for nitrates and two tracking dogs as well as starting the Merced County Sheriff’s Office K9 Unit Incorporated. This is a nonprofit organization for community donations to be made specifically to our K9 Unit.  

In January of 2017, the Sheriff’s Office obtained K9 Banshee who would become my new partner. K9 Banshee is a black and tan bloodhound who specializes in tracking/trailing work. She helps the Sheriff’s Office find wanted and or lost and missing individuals. Banshee was certified and purchased through Georgia K9 in South Carolina. If you have any questions about the K9 Unit do not hesitate to call the Sheriff’s Office and ask for me.

About K-9 Banshee

K9 Banshee is a 7-year-old black and tan bloodhound and she has been a deputy for over six years.  Additionally, Banshee is partnered with Sergeant Dustin Witt who is the K-9 Unit supervisor.  Banshee’s job with the Sheriff’s Office is to locate wanted, lost, or missing people and she trains weekly to keep her skills sharp. In her off time, Banshee loves to jump in Sergeant Witt’s swimming pool, lay in the sun, and loves to play with children.  

Banshee is one of nine K9’s the Sheriff’s Office has and she is the first full-time bloodhound in the Sheriff’s Office history!!