Health, Safety, and Fiscal Recovery

The County remains focused on maintaining the health and safety of the local communities we serve as we continue to coordinate with our federal, state and local partners on the road to recovery ahead. You can find local COVID-19 information and resources on the County’s COVID-19 page.

As the County reopens and plans for our local recovery, it’s more important than ever we continue to work together to maintain public health, safety, emergency preparedness and our local economic recovery.

In recent community conversations we have heard from the community what their concerns and priorities are. Top priorities include:

  • Maintaining emergency public health and disaster preparedness
  • Supporting local businesses/jobs
  • Addressing/preventing homelessness
  • Preventing violent crime/gang activity
  • Maintaining 911 emergency response times
  • Protecting and maintaining fire protection services

Unfortunately, it is unknown at this time whether our county will receive adequate State and Federal assistance to support our residents, farmers and businesses. Among other mandates, the State has forced the early release of prisoners in our region in recent years, and has proposed additional changes in response to COVID-19 that will impact us locally, further jeopardizing our sense of safety and security.

We know our County must continue to be self-reliant in addressing our own unique local needs, especially in these challenging times.

We look forward to keeping you updated as we work on the road to recovery and reopening while keeping our communities safe and economically stable.

Please join the conversation and tell us your priorities by completing our brief Community Feedback Form today, which will help us all as we plan for Merced County’s future. Thank you for your input!