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Our Mission

The Merced County Probation Department acts as a fair and impartial justice partner to the court, provides rehabilitative community-based supervision, and maintains a safe custodial environment for the youth and young adults in our care.

Our Vision

We are catalysts for change to foster healthier families and safer communities.

Our Values

Rehabilitation: We are committed to fair and balanced intervention approaches while maintaining the belief that people can change and that we can facilitate that process.  

Integrity: We subscribe to ethical principles by doing the right things for the right reasons.

Learning Organization: We create, acquire, and transfer knowledge throughout the organization and we modify our practices to reflect new knowledge and insights.  

Data Driven: We strive for continuous process improvements and practices by evaluating our effectiveness in our service delivery to prevent further justice system involvement.  

Collaboration: We cultivate meaningful and effective relationships with community and justice partners to achieve positive results.

Inclusivity: We foster a positive, safe, and supportive work environment where contribution of everyone is valued.