Proposition 36


If you are ineligible for Deferred Entry of Judgement, you may still qualify for Proposition 36. Prop 36 participants enter a guilty plea, are sentenced, and placed on formal probation with all of the normal probationary terms, including search and seizure, fines, drug offender registration, etc.

They are also ordered to enroll in and complete Prop 36 drug counseling. Prop 36 counseling can last up to 12 months followed by up to six months of aftercare. If you do not comply with the terms your Prop 36 probation, you can be sentenced to jail or prison just as if Prop 36 didn’t exist.

Successful Completion

If you successfully complete Prop 36 counseling, the Judge may be willing to suspend some of your remaining fees and fines. Once those are paid in full, your probation will likely be terminated and your case dismissed.

For more information about either DEJ or Prop 36, contact our office at (209) 385-7692.