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Election Worker Application

  1. Election Worker Eligibility
    You must be a United States Citizen or Legal U.S. Resident of at least 16 years old.
  2. If you are under 18 years old:
    Fill out the Student Poll Worker Application
  3. If you are a Merced County Employee:
    Fill out the Merced County Employee as Volunteer Poll Workers Program Application
  4. Election Worker Compensation
    Election Day Stipend: $130.00 (Additional Stipends for Early Voting Days & Required Trainings)
  5. Election Worker Positions
    Each location will have a certain number of required positions and will be filled as needed per election codes.
  6. I speak and read the following languages fluently:
    Select all languages that apply.
  7. Location where you are willing to work:*
    Select all locations that apply.
  8. Are you a Merced County Employee?*
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